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The summary of Value in Business Conference – Kazimierz Dolny 2017

The First Value in Business Conference took place on 9-10 February 2017. 55 participants from 17 Polish Universities and research centers from Poland took part in the conference. The representatives of foreign centers were also attendants of the conference.

As part of plenary sessions, subjects concerning the enterprise value in the face of new socio-economic conditions, source of financing the development of enterprises, financial planning in the context of value creation and management of changes and innovations were held. The subject of building the value of the enterprise was considered from the point of view of micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

The Value in Business Conference was met with the approval of both the scientific community and business representatives and was an excellent opportunity to exchange views and transfer knowledge. In numerous discussions, both open and in the lobby, key factors for building the enterprise’s value were sought.

The conference was an inspiring scientific event, the effects of which in the form of numerous scientific articles were published in „Przegląd Organizacji”, „Finanse”, „Applied Computer Science”, „International Journal of Synergy and Research”, as well as in scientific monographs of the publishing house of the Lublin University of Technology.